About Me

Impact Artisit Changing the World One Life at a Time.

Coach Jen

Hi! I’m Coach Jen, Your Impact Artist!

My work in this world is to help.

My journey has taught me a lot and created my own purpose:

As a young therapist, I learned compassion and perseverance.

My transition to being a full-time mom forced me to be patient with myself and others.

Moving my family across the country helped me expand my ideals and embrace new ideas.

Rebuilding life after divorce made me find out who I am as a woman and compelled me to dig deep into who I wanted to be. Taking bold steps to feel worthy again.

Experiencing grief through the death of loved ones taught me how to handle sorrow and walk through emotional pain.

Rebuilding myself outside of mom roles made me stop questioning my worth as anything besides a mom and required me to acknowledge that I have many different strengths and skills.

And re-entering the work world as a professional coach required me to believe in myself, own my potential, and do the work that I am meant to do.

I can honestly say – I have experienced a lot!

Through it all, I have learned that life takes perseverance. It takes courage.

I can help, I can guide, I can support and cheer you on!

My business as well as my life is heart-centered and human-focused.

Ask me a question.